Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney


Allegory of  justice

Criminal cases are diverse in nature.  A criminal case can be weighty and can lead to a jail term. They may have other consequences such as canceled licenses and certificates to carry out a professional duty. If you are charged with a criminal case, it can be stressful especial if you are innocent and have no legal knowledge of the criminal law. Proving your innocence is the hardest part as the law enforcement agencies have the upper hand in criminal proceedings. This is why it is necessary to have a criminal defense lawyer representing you in the case.

If you are charged with a criminal case, you need to be cautious on how you handle it since you can say something that can work against your case. This is where it is said that you have the right to silence.  In this case, you would need to be silent until you get criminal defense lawyer to guide you.  In most cases, people don’t have lawyers doing the arraignment. The arraignment if the first appearance in the law courts to take plea of guilty or innocence. Most people plead guilty in this case as they wait to get assistance for a lawyer at to guide them further. It is important that you be cautious about what you say to avoid statements that can complicate your criminal defense.

During the arraignment, the court will ask whether you have a lawyer. In case you don’t have, the judge will ask whether you want presentation to from a court-appointed counsel of want to hire a private lawyer. If you need a court-appointed lawyer, the judge ma makes an instant appointment and then continue the case.Some other courts will adjourn the proceeding until you get a lawyer. If you need t o hire a private lawyer at, the court will have to adjourn the case until the right time. You may be asked to give your most convenient time.

In most case, the person can be held in the police cells after pleading innocent in the case. It is good to have lawyer who will plead for your release so that you can prepare your defense. The attorney will gather relevant information to prove our innocence. In the circumstance where the defense seems to be weak, the lawyer may try to get other means of reducing or changing your charges. At the last point, the lawyer can bargain on the sentence if it seems too hard for you.Know more about law firms at


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